Our Members

Our members come from an incredibly diverse background, with all kinds of musical experience.  Here is a bit about a few of our members, their musical backgrounds and why they love singing!

Molly Webster (Director):

Molly is a soprano who has been singing since she was incredibly young. Her grandmother and mother were great sopranos and she was around beautiful music since before birth. She sings because it is freedom. She loves being a part of NRS because it affords us all the opportunity, regardless of experience, to let our voices be heard. Creating beautiful music with beautiful people is always pretty epic. 🙂

Molly S:

Molly didn’t sing as a younger person but loved music and played piano and clarinet.  She gave up performing music for many years while pursuing nursing career and raising a son.  Then she started singing in the church choir and others encouraged her to take some voice lessons, so when the ‘empty nest syndrome’ hit her, she did.  She then got involved with singing soprano with NRS, and continues to sing in the choir, as well as a church quartet called SATB, directed and accompanied by Colin Graebert.  She loves it, and feels it is never too late to pursue your passion and improve on your God given talents!


Ruth sings alto with New Renaissance Singers, and has been singing in choirs since she was in 6th grade (a long time, she says!). She has sung in three church choirs, the Bell Laboratories Choir, Bangor Community Chorus, Keys Chorale and now NRS. She played a musical instrument in grade and high school and comes from a very musical family. She feels that singing, in whatever format, lifts the spirit, makes laughing easy and challenges your mind.


Tricia participated in band, chorus and musicals throughout junior high and high school. She played clarinet in junior high, and little bit of percussion in high school. Once she went to chorus, she did not really do any singing or performance for many years. She joined New Renaissance Singers as an alto in 2009 and with a bit of practice began picking up the skills again. She has met some great people and made wonderful new friends through the group and she loves singing with them. She especially loves singing at the senior homes over the holidays, it is very rewarding to see how happy it makes them!


Kathryn is a soprano who has been singing with NRS since around 2008. Her previous singing experience includes singing in her church choir and at weddings. Her favorite things about singing with NRS include enjoying the company of the group’s eclectic, energetic mix of members, the feeling of belonging to a group, and the professional, humorous, and kind guidance of our director, Molly Webster. Her favorite types of music to sing are jazz, Celtic and classical.


Pattie joined New Renaissance Singers in 2013, even though she had not done any singing since she was in middle school, where she used to sing solos. A member of our alto section, Pattie loves the sense of community and the bond that we share over our love of music.


Nancy is one of the earliest members of New Renaissance Singers, joining the group in 1992. Her previous music experience includes singing in the church choir. She loves to sing all kinds of music, and enjoys NRS for its people and the chance to practice her love of singing.


John joined NRS around 2012 and sings in the bass section. He has performed in several choral groups throughout Oregon, Massachusetts, Colorado and Montana, and especially loves performing large classical works. He enjoys the people he has met in NRS and the wide variety of music that we perform.


Tiffani joined the New Renaissance Singers soprano section in 2013. She started singing in chorus in sixth grade and sings in choir and in Voices Unlimited at Hampden Academy. Her favorite thing about singing is performing. She loves working hard and having a wonderful product come out to share with others. Music brings so many people together and she’s happy to be part of a reason they’re coming together. She loves to sing anything, from Broadway to contemporary to classical… as long as it fits her voice type! Tiffani is looking forward to singing at Husson in the fall of 2014.


Jill has been singing soprano with the New Renaissance Singers since around 2008. Her previous musical experience includes her school band and singing with her church choir. Her favorite types of music to sing include Christmas music and Mozart, and she loves singing with a great group of people and the phenomenal director.


Donna joined New Renaissance Singers in 2014. She sings soprano and has sung in several church choirs as well as played piano for many years. Her piano training includes six years of formal training and two years by chord/ear. Donna loves all kinds of music, and enjoys the beautiful music, wonderful director and great people of NRS.


Linda has been singing alto with New Renaissance Singers since 2013. As a child she had a piano and her mother loved playing those good old Methodist hymns. She played flute in high school. Later she taught herself guitar so she could play and sing with young children in her work as a teacher. It wasn’t until her 60’s that she discovered the pure joy of choral singing. She sang with an international group in New Brunswick, with an Early Music Festival chorus, a women’s chorus and for some Christmas programs. In addition to singing with IRS, she also also sings with another group called Voices for Peace.

Her favorite things about New Renaissance Singers include Molly Webster, our energetic, talented director and the very wonderful accompaniment of Dora Rexrode. She feels that Molly gives each section the chance to really learn their part, while keeping things moving right along. Her favorite types of music include early music such as Purcell and Handel, as well as modern composers such as John Rutter. She feels as though she has had a personal musical Renaissance, learning to play the cello, the five string banjo, and choral singing, all in her 60’s. Music is the most joyful part of her life.


Allison joined the alto section of New Renaissance Singers in 2011. She has over 20 years of musical experience, and most loves to sing pop music. Her favorite things about new Renaissance singers include the rehearsal atmosphere and the director, Molly Webster.


Raechelle joined New Renaissance Singers in 2014, as part of the alto section. Her musical experience includes playing the flute in band throughout high school, as well as musical theater and high school and college. She has also taken 20 years of dance classes. Her favorite things about NRS include the people, and discovering new songs and harmonies, and she most enjoys singing new arrangements of pop songs.


Jes has been singing with NRS since 2013. She is currently singing alto, but has also sung soprano and tenor. Her musical experience includes high school all-state, and she has sung competitively around the country. She also used to have a band that performed in public, along with a short CD. She most enjoys New Renaissance Singers just because she is able to sing, and loves to sing all kinds of music.


Sally has been singing soprano with New Renaissance Singers since 2013. Her previous musical experience includes singing with the Bangor Community Course for five years. She loves that rehearsals are fun but also challenging, and how Molly teaches us a lot about how to improve our singing. She loves to try new kinds of music that she hasn’t heard before, and loves all kinds of music.


Jean joined New Renaissance Singers in 2013 as an alto. She grew up singing in church and school choirs as well as playing the French horn and piano. Before she moved to Maine she sang with the Annapolis Chorale, and in their smaller chamber chorus, where she met her husband. She is grateful to be singing in a choral group again. For her it is like coming home even as she is learning everyone’s name and making new friends. She feels fortunate to have been able to sing so many different types of music that she can’t begin to choose just one favorite. She feels the joy of a choir is many individuals bringing diverse backgrounds and experiences together to sing as one. Everyone should experience it!


Rachel has been singing in the alto section since 2012. She sang all through school and college, and then took a break for about 10 years. She started singing again around 2009, and now sings with several different groups. Rachel says that she feels singing is a pure expression of emotion – like putting feelings into sound and giving them a voice. She will sing anything, and can’t stop herself from singing, even songs she doesn’t like! She enjoys singing with NRS because it is a great group, very diverse, and so much fun to be part of.


Lois joined New Renaissance Singers in 2011, as a member of the alto section. She grew up loving music, starting clarinet lessons at the age of eight. She played in school bands all throughout high school, as well as singing in church, starting in junior choir and then senior choir. She loves listening to and singing all types of music. In singing with NRS, Lois loves the challenge of the different pieces of music. She also loves learning from Molly, and feels she has really helped her improve her voice, and say that the other great thing about NRS is the fellowship and meeting new people who have the same love of music.


Nori has been singing alto with NRS since 2013. Her favorite music to sing is gospel. She has performed in various choirs in various countries throughout the years, and enjoys the varied and interesting repertoire of NRS, as well as the very professional and inspiring director and accompanist, and the group’s fun, friendly, and accepting atmosphere.

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