Where Do Your Membership or Sponsorship Funds Go? 

website-header2.jpgThe New Renaissance Singers is a Nonprofit Organization. Our income comes from Membership Dues, Community Sponsors and Concert Donations. These funds help us operate throughout the year. Here are some of the places our funds go:

Our Director:

We love our director, Molly Webster, and want to make it financially and professionally rewarding for the time she commits to us. Besides weekly rehearsals and seasonal concerts, our director spends time putting together our concert program, ordering music, and helping us promote our choir.

Our Accompanist:

Dora Rexrode is our long time accompanist and a valuable member of our organization. Dora is a very popular local accompanist and fantastic pianist and we love having her!

Our Rehearsal and Concert Venues:

Our rehearsal and concert venues have been local churches generously sharing their spaces with us. We make a donation each year, to help the churches with their heating and electric, in thanks of their continued support.

Printing and Advertising Costs:

Each concert season we print programs, posters and flyers, run ads and other similar expenses.

Music Education Scholarship:

The New Renaissance Singers believes in paying forward the charitable generosity of others. We have created our music education scholarship fund to help foster the love of music in our community. Each year, based on charitable donations and extra funds earned over the seasons, we provide music education scholarships to such programs as the Bangor Children’s Choir and the Maine Summer Youth Music Program.

As we increase the number of members and sponsors supporting our organization, we hope to be able to support other local music charities and organizations and offer scholarships for members who are financially unable to join us.

Operational Expenses:

A portion of our expenses come from making our concerts happen. This means any costumes or decorations, purchasing the sheet music needed, our corporation fees, website fees and the sound system for the concerts. We also periodically have guests artists and instrumental accompanists for our performances.

We always welcome community sponsors. If you would like to purchase advertising space in our concert programs, or donate services in exchange for ad space, feel free to contact us!

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